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Graduated from Carlow RTC in 1990 with a National Diploma in Computing. Transferred to Waterford R.T.C and graduated in 1993 with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Computing. Then undertook two years of research at Dublin City University and graduated in 1995 with an M.Sc. in Computer Applications.

Teaching Areas

Includes but not limited to... Structured Programming (C), Data Structures, Assembly Language, Data processing, Database management systems, Multimedia, Visual Basic for Applications, Novell Netware, Software Engineering...

Research and Technical Interests

Software Engineering - the topic of my research was metrics for object-oriented software.

I am currently undertaking a PhD in multimedia information retrieval at Dublin City University.

Leisure Activities

Golf, Judo, Squash, Snooker

and on Sunday afternoons... Formula One (Jordan in particular)

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"21st May 1995"