Paul Barry, Lecturer - Computer Networking


I was born, raised, and educated in Northern Ireland.

Graduated from University of Ulster, Jordanstown in 1988 with a Honours Bsc. in Computing Science (Information Systems). This was a 4 year degree, with the third year spent in industrial placement.

Spent 1986/87 academic year working for Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The job was a one year co-op student placement.

After graduating, I spent 1988-90 working for Price Waterhouse/Craig Gardner, Dublin, Ireland. This was a software engineering position.

I then headed back to Canada (for real, this time) and spent 1990-95 working for St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I was heavily involved in Healthcare Information Technology Management.

Moved home to Ireland in April 1995 to take up the position of Computing Services Manager here at IT Carlow.

In October of 1997, I transferred to the post of "Lecturer - Computer Networking", joining the School of Science: Department of Computing, Physics, and Mathematics.


I'm married and we have two children, and a dog.

Technical Interests

Computer Networking (this is the area that I teach).

Programming. I've been spending a lot of time looking at Delphi. I'm fed up with C++, and - heaven help me - I just can't warm to Java.

(I'm also looking at TCL/TK as a network managment platform, and I'm playing around with the MINIX operating system.)

Computer Industry: I'm a big fan of BYTE magazine as a source for keeping an eye on what's going on. Let's hope they bring it back and don't change it too much.

Sorry - roll your eyes, everyone - but, I'm a big Macintosh freak. The only computer I've ever spent my own cash on! You'll never know what it's like, until you try ... so buy a Macintosh (and keep Steve in a job).

Lecturing Areas

I am currently teaching three courses:

"Networking and Network Management" to 2nd Year Networking & Optical Communications certificate students.

"Networking" to 3rd Year Computer Systems Management diploma students.

"Networking and Operating Systems" to 4th Year Software Engineering degree students.

I also supervise a number of 2nd and 4th Year projects.


This is coming ... as I am currently working on my M.Sc. in Computing. I am doing this part time, and don't anticipate graduating until the Year 2000. I have completed 2 of 4 years at this stage. I have completed the Software Engineering module, as well as the Object Oriented Systems Development module. Currently undertaking the Web Technologies module.

Academic Information Pages

If you are one of my students, feel free to access my Academic Information Pages, which run on the Institutes other web server. All lectures materials, sample source code, project information, and assignment details can be found there. Sorry, but these pages are only accessible to computers on the internal campus LAN.

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July 19th, 1997, PJB