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- Dr David N. Dowling


Joined the college in 1995 as a Lecturer in Biotechnology. I am a member of the Society of General Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology and a guest editor of the journals - Plant Molecular Biology, - Molecular Breeding and - Journal of Bacteriology. I am also a member of the Irish Research Scientists Assosiation (IRSA)

Teaching Areas

Molecular genetics and biotechnology to Industrial Biology Degree students, and Environmental Microbiology to Environmental Science Degree students.


Genetics of iron-uptake and antifungal metabolite production in Pseudomonas, vector construction for monitoring Genetically Modified Micro-organisms (GMOs) and the use of genetic approaches for Bioremediation of pollutants such as PCBs and heavy metals. I am a partner in the EU RHIZODEGRADATION Project
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To conference presentation on heavy metal resistant rhizosphere bacteria
To recent conference presentation on rhizosphere inoculant delivery systems at the 9th Irish Environmentalists Research Colloquium, Johnstown Castle, Wexford, 29th-31st January 1999.
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