About RTCNet

RTCNet was established in 1994 to interconnect the LAN's in the various Regional Technical Colleges , and provide them with full Internet connectivity. In October 1996 it was upgraded to provide faster links. RTCNet connects to the rest of the world via HEANet.

RTCNet Connections
Node Hub Line Speed Line Type
Athlone Galway 512kb/s Leased
Carlow Tallaght 512 kb/s Leased
Cork Cork 512 kB/s Direct
Dundalk Tallaght 512kb/s Leased
Galway Galway 512kb/s Direct
Letterkenny Galway 512kb/s Leased
Limerick Cork 512kb/s Leased
Sligo Galway 512kb/s Leased
Tallaght Tallaght 512kb/s Direct
Tralee Cork 512kb/s Leased
Waterford Cork 512kb/s Leased
Cork Hub Tallaght 2Mb/s Leased
Galway Hub Tallaght 2Mb/s Leased
Tallaght Hub HEANet 2Mb/s Leased

For details of the LAN's in the individual colleges, contact them directly.

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