Computing Services Department, IT Carlow

A description of the Computing Environment at IT Carlow is no longer available.

You can also browse the electronic version of the Guide to Computing Services at IT Carlow (currently being revised).

Brief Description of Department

The department has been officially in existence since May 2, 1995.

In providing IT services to academic staff, students, and professional support personnel, the department's responsibilities fall into a number of broad categories:

  • Hardware Support and Helpdesk Services
  • Applications Support and Maintenance
  • Network Management (LAN, WAN, etc.)
  • Multimedia Support Services
  • Telephone System Support

    Essentially, if a device has a power lead or anything remotely resembling a network connection, then we are expected to take a look at it!

    College-wide IT support services are managed from within the Computing Services Department.

    Department Personnel

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  • Computing Services Manager - currently vacant (since October 1997).

  • Computer Technician - John Hegarty - networking guru.

  • Computer Technician - Colm O'Connor - hardware guru.

  • Computer Technician - Gerard Holohan - gossip guru.

  • Multimedia Technician - Fergal Flanagan - video/phone guru.

    Fergal has his own home page.

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    July 13th, 1998, PJB