Welcome to the Home page of the Women's Soccer Colleges Association of Ireland (WSCAI). We are the organisation responsible for womens soccer at third level in ALL third level colleges in Ireland (both North and South). The association has the only National Womens Soccer league (in fact we have two National leagues!!) in Ireland.

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The 1998/99 WSCAI League Tables The Intervarsity Competition Here you'll find details of the 1998 event.
The WSCAI 1998 Combined Colleges Squad This page will tell you about our representative team. The WSCAI 1997 Combined Colleges SquadThe 1997 represenatative team.
The WSCAI Newsletters. Copies of our past newsletters. The WSCAI Rules and Regulations.
The WSCAI All Star Teams. The coaches pick all star teams each year - here they are!! The WSCAI 1997/98 Final League Tables and top scorers.
The WSCAI Registered players of each team. Here you will find the names of the registered players in each team in our association. This section is reserved for the next page

The Irish Women's Soccer Electronic Mailing List

An Electronic Mailing List for Irish Women's Soccer has been set up by the Women's Soccer Colleges Association of Ireland in conjunction with the Institute of Technology, Carlow. This allows people to subscribe to the list via e-mail and to send and receive postings on Irish Women's Soccer. In order to subscribe to the list you need to send an e-mail message to : MAISER@ITCARLOW.IE with the following in the Message Box - SUBSCRIBE IRISH-WOMENS-SOCCER you will receive a welcome message with a brief outline of the nature of the list and further details. In order to send messages to the list you send a message to: IRISH-WOMENS-SOCCER@ITCARLOW.IE with your message. You cannot send a message to the list unless you are subscribed to the list. The list is intended for fans of Women's Soccer to cover the following topics :

The List Owner is Myles Kelly, any problems with subscribing, etc. can be dealt with by e-mailing Myles at KELLYM@ITCARLOW.IE. The WSCAI wish to thank the Institute of Technology, Carlow for making their facilities available to the Association.

So why don't you subscribe to the list today and find out what's going on in Irish womens Soccer!!

The History of the WSCAI

Women's soccer at third level in Ireland began competitively in 1983 with the first intervarsity tournament in University College Dublin. In the first few years the Intervarsity was the main tournament. In 1987 the Ladies Soccer University Association of Ireland was formed, the name has been subsequently changed to the Women's Soccer Colleges Association of Ireland to reflect the make up of the association nowadays i.e. there are more than just universities involved e.g. Institutes of Technology and Post leaving certificate colleges.

There are twenty seven colleges affiliated to the association this year i.e. 1998/99, with fourteen colleges playing in two national leagues. We also have three regional leagues with ten teams playing in these. We have the following other competitions; Intervarsity tournament, Freshers tournament, indoor intervarsites and an inter provincial tournament.

The Leagues and past results

The League Structure: We now have a three tier structure:

A Premier League with six teams each playing each other on a home and away basis. The six teams in this league in 1998/99 are Colaiste Ide, Dublin City University, Institute of Technology Tralee, University College Dublin, University Limerick and Waterford Institute of Technology. Previous winners of this division have been:

Winners 1987/88 University College Cork 1988/89 Galway RTC 1989/90
University College Galway 1990/91 University College Cork 1991/92
University College Galway 1992/93 University College Galway 1993/94
University of Limerick 1994/95 University College Dublin 1995/96
University of Limerick 1996/97 University College Dublin 1997/98
University College Dublin 

Here's a photo of the winning UCD team from 1997/98:

A first division with eight teams each playing each other once. The eight teams in the 1997/98 first division are:

The winners of this division in previous years have been:

Year / Winners 1992/93 University College Dublin 1993/94 Carlow RTC(600K) 1994/95
University College Cork 1995/96 Waterford RTC 1996/97 Colaiste Ide
1997/98 Institute of Technology Tralee 

A regionalised structure beneath the two national leagues with regionalised leagues and national play-offs with two teams having the possibilty of going up to the first division. We have three of these regional leagues in 1998/99 i.e.


The Interprovincial Tournament

This year's Interprovincial tournament shall be held in Munster at the end of January (Jan 23/24) where we expect Ulster to join the other three provinces in the competition for the first time in a long time!!

The winners of this tournament have been

  Year Winners
1992/93 Connaught 1993/94 Munster 1994/95 Munster 1995/96 Connacht
1996/97 Munster 1997/98 Leinster 

The Freshers tournament

This is a one day event held in November each year for new players in each club. This years tournament was held in Cork on Saturday 14th November 1998. Inchicore College emerged victorious this year.
The winners of this tournament have been:

 Year Winners 1992/93
University of Limerick 1993/94 University of Limerick 1994/95
University of Limerick 1995/96 Carlow RTC 1996/97 Castlebar Campus of
Galway RTC 1997/98 University College Cork 1998/99 Inchicore College

The Indoor Tournament

We play our indoor intervarsities in January each year. This year's indoors are scheduled for Dublin City University on Saturday January 16th 1999. Previous winners of this event have been:

Winners 1992/93 University College Galway 1993/94 University
College Galway 1994/95 Trinity College Dublin 1995/96 University
College Galway 1996/97 Waterford RTC 1997/98 Waterford Institute of

The Waterford Institute of Technology team for 1997/98.

Alumni Association

We are interested in hearing from past members of the association in order to form an alumni association. We would like to organise events for past combined teams, past winning teams and past members of the association. If you are a past member of the association please email wscai@itcarlow.ie with your details and we shall put you on our database. We also produce a newsletter every two months which we would gladly email you a copy of.

US based Irish players

We are particularly interested in hearing from students who are in college in the US from Ireland especially those on soccer scholarships in order to put together a database of these players for future combined colleges teams / tournaments etc. If and when womens soccer becomes a part of the World Students Games we want to be in a position to compete in it. These US based players can also participate with our team in tournaments in Ireland if they're home during the summer e.g. the Bracken Cup etc. If you are one of these people please email us with your details to wscai@itcarlow.ie. We also produce a newsletter every two months which we would gladly email you a copy of.

Links to Web sites of other teams in the WSCAI

We are only aware of one other site for teams in our association so far and that is Dublin City Univerity's site.

The WSCAI has this year set up a part time office with an administrator (The WSCAI Administrator ).

The following is the contact address: Women's Soccer Colleges Association of Ireland, CIM Production Centre, Green Road, Carlow, Ireland. Phone: +353 503 33073 (office hours 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m GMT).

The following is this years Executive committee:

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