Amnesty International - Carlow, Ireland branch

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The local branch of Amnesty International has been in existance for a good few years. However I had only joined this particular group within the last year and concurrently was elected group coordinator. As a result I found myself slightly overwhelmed with Amnesty work. Due to professional work committments I decided to hand over the actual running of the group to someone else. I am no longer in charge but still do a fair bit to help out.

Please mail me with any ideas that you think would improve these pages(?), for example, links to related pages or any other suggestions. Do also contact me if you have any queries about Amnesty International and I will try to answer them. I am no expert but I will do my best.

Carlow Amnesty currently meets on a monthly basis downstairs in the function room of The Buzz's pub. Our second last action file was closed soon after I joined to group. This was a boost to all concerned. We then started on a new action file . This ho wever was also closed almost as soon as we started on it!?! The group will probably try for a new action file as it does tend to make things more interesting for us all. We are unsure of what it wi ll be but as soon as we are assigned one details will be put on the web.

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There is also a list of Amnesty Local Group home pages available for the curious or those looking to see if there is a local group near them. This page also contains links to other interesting related sites. Some other pages that may be of interest include;

  1. Amnesty International home pages in the UK.
  2. Support Democracy for China pages which are very interesting and include a human rights fact sheet among other items.

    There are two new pages, one of which contain a summary of Amnesty's 1995 report and the other which contains an update.

    There will be regular updates on our local meetings. I will also start updating this page on a more regular basis now that I do not have as much administration work to do over here.

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