About Wexford - town and county

Wexford traces its past back to prehistoric times. It has been the cockpit of Irish history over the centuries. Here, early settlers arrived to virgin forests. Wexford was converted to Christianity by St. Ibar in the 5 th century. Viking warriors settled here in the 9 th century giving the town its name. This was the first Irish town taken by the Normans in 1169. Cromwell attacked Wexford in 1649.

The first Irish Republic was declared here during the 1798 Insurrection. Wexford sailors voyaged throughout the world bringing a cosmopolitan ambience to the town which remains to this day. To understand and appreciate Wexford, one should take time to stroll around, look and absorb its story. There is so much history on offer in Wexford.

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JB 23 rd July 1996