Colm McGrath, Vice-President

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Hello all, Just use your imagination and imagine I wrote something witty and/or informative - delete as applicable. Meanwhile I'll just be over here amusing myself with these pornographic playing cards. (as along as that's amusing and not abusing - ed.) Take care and have fun, Collie. P.S. don't forget no Foundry on Thursday as the Ball is on Wednesday PPS The Quiz is on Tuesday....

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Monday 25th -------- -------- 3 pints for a fiver -------- 5 - 6 pm. 3 pints for 5. Coors Lite 1.60 a bottle (8-close) --------
Tuesday 26th ------- -------- Karaoke night - winner of each heat gets hamper of beer and goes to Grand Final on Rag Week "Bob & Marty" Heineken promo 8:30 Students Union Fun Table Quiz. Four Quid for table of Four. 5 - 6 pm. 3 pints for 5. Coors Lite 1.60 a bottle (8-close)
Wednesday 27th Students Union New Years Ball. DJ Johnny Moy & Big In Sweden. Ticket Price 5 Quid...... ----------- Crazy Night Live Rock - "Phoenix" 5 - 6 pm. 3 pints for 5. 8:30-11 Curim pitchers 5 - 3 pints a pitchers
Thursday 28th Student Union Disco in Foundry - 4 quid in...... ---------- ---------- DJ Matt and the Toe-rag night out! 5 - 6 pm. 3 pints for 5.6-9 Curim Pitchers and a Guinness promotion The Pumphouse (Kilkenny) Live Music this Thursday. Zepp plays Blues & Folk.... The Viking (Wexford) Band "Route 66". Becks promo. Usual Promos

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